Current Team

Siddharth Thakur


Blake Bartlett

Graduate Student

Elton Lima Correia

Graduate Student


Matthew Webb

Graduate Student

Eduarda Barros De Oliveira

Graduate Student

Research Pic (1)

Emma Shields

Undergraduate Student

Ashley Copelin

Undergraduate Student

Aditi Gali

Undergraduate Student

Deepika Sitaraman

Undergraduate Student


Nick Brown (MS 2022) First employment: Automation Engineer, Atlas Prediction Control

Aanahita Ervin (BS 2022) First employment: Graduate Student of Public Policy, Duke University

Alec de la Pena (BS 2021) First employment: Process Engineer at Allnex

Alexi Wenger (BS 2021)

Astrid Cureton (BS 2020) 

Jordan Vetal (BS 2019) First employment: Manufacturing Engineer at Cameron, a Schlumberger Company

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