Pickering Foams with Tunable Properties

Studying the behavior of fluid interfaces in presence of surface-active species such as surfactants and colloidal particles has significance in a variety of industries from enhanced oil recovery to pharmaceutics. While particles and surfactants have been exploited separately to stabilize an interface, less is known on complex interfacial systems comprised of both colloidal particles and surfactant molecules especially the rich physical mechanisms that affect the synergism of particles and surfactants at interfaces. In addition, there is a critical need to build on the knowledge available on the behavior of isotropic, homogeneous colloidal particles but move away from these ideal systems and elucidate the effects of particle heterogeneity (e.g., shape and surface anisotropy) in complex interfacial systems. Using coarse-grained computations and experimental measurements, we aim to develop a fundamental understanding on the synergistic and competitive behavior of heterogeneous particles and surfactants (in collaboration with Prof. Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou).